How to Spend Wisely While Booking a Party Hall

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One of the major expenses one bears in mind while organizing a party is that of the hall rentals. Especially in big cities, it is often the cost of venue that blows the lid off your party planning budgets. But if you plan wisely you may be able to cut a few costs and save some of your hard earned money. Here are a few things to keep in mind

The timing:

While booking in advance is always a good idea sometimes if you have an impromptu party in mind you must check the rates at popular venues. Sometimes when the venues are not booked and the date is almost approaching you may be lucky to get a reduced price, as the organizers would rather make some money than none at all.

Ask for references:

When you zero-in on a venue do ask if they have any affiliations to any club or any organization. If they do just run it past your close friends and family, you never know if you maternal uncle a retired army man or a relative a particular club member may get you some discounts.

Go slow on decor:

If you have got a neat space do not go overboard with decorations. Its often those fancy ribbons and flowers that take up most costs. Just stick to basics that are tidy to look at. The minimalist decor will make the venue look roomier.

Avoid the obvious mahurat (that is if you can):

If it's a wedding then you can hardly do anything about the proposed dates but in case you are thinking of an alternate party arrangement like a farewell or an old-friends meet up then avoid the mahurat season. It's not only tough to get the venue during this time but also the prices are inflated manifold. Look for an easier calendar when your friends too won't find themselves juggling to keep up with their party calendar.

Ask for all inclusions:

When getting a quoted price from the venue organizers ask if it includes everything from any taxes if applicable to any additional service charges. Some venues charge additional for valet services so it is best to be prepared for unforeseen expenses.

The services offered:

Often when the venue promises you certain services they also ask if you want regular or premium services. Carefully study the differences between the two. If the premium service just has a few frills and fancies that you can do without then go for the basic package.

Day and night:

Do ask if the venue you are booking has separate day and night charges. Sometimes day parties being less popular the venues have reduced rates for them. If you can manage then go for a day party instead, as it may save you some of your precious savings. Also weekends are mostly heavily booked as they are also the most convenient time for your guests. But most bookings are for Saturday nights. Check if the rates of Friday or Sunday nights are lesser than Saturday and settle for one of these days instead.

Aug. 14, 2017, 5:16 a.m.