How to Organize a Spooky Halloween Party

It's that time of the year again when we wait for the chill in the air as the nights begin to get denser. No wonder then, with Halloween's Day around the corner, it may not be a bad idea to add some more chills and thrills and organize a night of Halloween celebrations. Here's your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about organizing a spooky soiree

The dress code:

Okay this one is a no-brainer. Everyone knows that you have to pick something suitably costume-ish while attending a Halloween party. But how about adding that characteristic individual touch by giving some fun ideas to your guests. May be you can set the theme of your Halloween party to    Political Circus. But don't blame us if you have more than one guests dressed up as Donald Trump!

The dish:

Now this can be tricky. While the idea of serving the routine party fare at a Halloween party seems unimaginative, you can't also serve your guests food that looks dreadful to savor. So turn your imaginations and craft a menu that will resonate with the theme of the evening, Devilled eggs and Pumpkin soup for starters, Bloody Mary for drinks, Witch shaped sandwiches can be some of the ideas that you can incorporate.

The ghostly ambience:

Create a haunted house theme at your venue/home by adding just the right props.  Hang a few broomsticks up the ceiling. Remember the idea is to look scary, not sweet. Buy a few pumpkin shaped lampshades or else make your own by scooping out the flesh from real pumpkins and drying them. Next just place a light bulb with a fuse. Cut two eyes and a mouth and you got your jack-o-lantern ready. Also on the walls make cut-outs of cobwebs using black chart paper. If you are good at craft trying making owl cutouts or else stick to store bought bat and bees stickers and put them around the venue.

The engagements:

What is a party without some interactive engagements for the guests. Include a few impromptu games to add that fun element to the evening. Give your guests a slice of baked pumpkin slice each and keep some condiments and dressing on the table. The one who creates the scariest looking slice wins. You can also create a trick and treat version of your own by asking your guests to pack the scariest thing they can in a candy wrapper.

The zero hour:

At the dead end of the night and some surprise element to make the evening even scarier. If you have a few sporting friends how about asking them to enter the home dressed as zombies just as the clock strikes 12.  Whosoever gets spooked the most performs a jig on a loony number. You can also get a witch cauldron bubbling and just at midnight dish out some delicacies that were being cooked to toast the night. Cutting a cake shaped like a hornet's nest can also be a good idea to call it a day to your Halloween celebrations.

July 18, 2017, 9 a.m.