How to Organize a Beach Theme Party

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With the dipping temperature and cold uneventful days, one can't help but think of sunny days spent languishing on the beach sipping pinacoladas. But alas, every time you fancy the tropics you can't pack your bags and head to Goa. However what you can do is to organize a beach themed party in the middle of winters to help soothe your soul with the thoughts of sun, sand and siesta. Here's how

Banish the winter blues party:

Invite your friends for a Sunday brunch and tell them the theme of the party is to pay tribute to the summer sun, we love to hate but can't help but miss during winters. If you are doing the party indoors put the heat on maximum so that your guests can do away with the layered winter dressing and relax in a beach inspired shirt and think about the summer fun.

Sand castles in the air:

If you have families with kids in the guest list then this activity will really interest them. Create a naked space in a corner of a room and dump some beach sand there. Let the kids build castles, look for shells while the adults sip lemonade and watch them engage in the activity.

Summer dips and drinks:

Introduce a lot of raw salads and fruits in your menu to pay ode to the season. If mangoes are not in season, don't worry make your own Mango Virgin Mary with canned mango juice, coconut water, and some spice. If you can find fresh coconut water served in shells that can be the best welcome drink to kick-start the party. Make a lot of interesting dips like guacamole or salsa to be served with cut cucumbers or carrots. You can also introduce summer favorites like a chilled custard or a coconut payasam.

Summer loving:

Do up your house with a lot of flowers but no exotic lilies and orchids, please. Get a bunch of sunflowers and put them in vases, teapots, and empty coke bottles through out the house. The cheery disposition the bright yellow flowers will lend will be enough to make you feel its summers already. If you have been collecting corals now it’s the time to bring them out. Put the shells and corals you may have collected from your beach holidays. If you have smaller shells place them in glass bowls and display as an eye-catching centerpiece.

Hawaiian spirit:

If you can then give the entire party a Hawaiin character. Play summer songs in the background. Introduce props like beach balls and ask your guests interesting games they can play with a beach ball indoors. Before you know it you may have a list of ideas ranging from wacky to wild. An afternoon of some serious laughter is anyway a great recipe for a party where everyone enjoys to the hilt. Get your guests in the mood by giving them a summer flower garland to wear and dance till you drop to feisty music.

Sept. 7, 2017, 4:54 a.m.