How to Have a Low-Key Wedding Party

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If you are a millennial and your icons include people like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs chances are you too love a pared down approach in life both towards display of wealth and materialistic excesses. The recent few years have seen many celebrities endorsing the cause of low-key celebrations with minimal expenditures and just a happy celebration of the important occasion with your closest people. However, if you are a millennial who grew up in the sub continent, the idea of applying this bare minimum approach on a wedding function can be a Herculean task. Not just because the world wants you to break your bank when you are getting married but mostly because culturally we have grown up in a set-up, which considers wedding pageantry, de-riguer. However if you too like your icon Zuckerberg would want to take the lead and opt for a no frills and fancies intimate ceremony for your wedding day, here are a few ideas to adopt for your simpleton but surreal wedding day.

No elaborate guest list but a blessing wish list:

Instead of drawing up a never-ending guest list which includes cousins of cousins whom you have never met and likely never meet again post your wedding day, the right way would be to send across a small personal letter to your extended relatives and friends after you have tied the knot informing about the big event in your life. Tell them you consider it important to have their blessing for your new life ahead together but took the lead in keeping the affair simple with no fancy details.

Where to take the vows:

Select a place that holds special significance for you or have the religious ceremony in a temple, church or mosque depending upon your belief and have a small sit down dinner with your closest friends and family at your home or at a cozy venue. You can also opt for a picnic in a park if you are doing a lunch or a small hall booked for a very intimate gathering. Cater the food from a homey eatery instead of a fancy dinner and order appetizing comfort food rather than exotic veal or oyster and clams.

No gifts if you please:

When you are going the low-key way, it should reflect in all aspects of your wedding. It is best to suggest your small guest list that they need not get into the formality of wedding gifting. They can just bring with them good wishes or if they would want they can contribute a small amount to a charity of your recommendation.

Relax casual:

The entire vibe of your wedding party should be fun, casual and not stuffy or ornate. Choose your outfits carefully that are not couture but are charmingly relatable. Remember Hollywood actress Keira Knightly saying her vows in a kneed length simple dress and flat shoes? That should be the mood. Tuxedos, gowns and sky high stilettos should be reserved for another day.

Sept. 8, 2017, 5:47 a.m.