How To Wear An Heirloom Piece On Your Wedding

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The most fashionable thing about modern times is that we are increasingly taking a leaf out of our past and not shying away from flaunting our heritage, our culture and our history. It's this riveting quality of bringing back the classics that has made contemporary fashion so appealing and rich.

So, it's suddenly considered so chic to be raiding the trunks of your moms and grand moms and pull out pieces and fuse them into your modern style. Many a brides are today going back to their heirloom pieces and creating a dream bridal wardrobe out of these traditional family pieces.

Here we speak to some real brides who used their family pieces to don on their wedding day and how they made a roaring statement out of it. These real life stories will really make you pick so many tips and tricks along the way that you may just as well be picking your family pieces for your dream bridal boudoir.

Rupali Sharma, 28, Software professional:

In our family we have this heavy and very ornate dupatta that is considered as the heirloom piece and both my mom and my grand mom wore on their wedding as a dupatta over their sari. For my wedding what I did was I got my boutique to combine a silk fabric and fuse that dupatta into an entire sari. It looked so lovely because I was able to create a new outfit of something so traditional and I am glad that I didn't looked weighed down by a traditional wear but was able to give my signature style to it.

Mona Dutt, 25, Teacher:

I have a huge nose ring that was passed on to me by my mother-in-law who said that it's a traditional piece but since its so huge and chunky in an old fashioned way that she wouldn't really mind if I don't wear it but is giving me as part of their family heritage. The next thing I did was I surprised her by wearing the same piece on my wedding day. I consulted my jewellery designer and she designed all my other pieces around that piece and kept the earrings and neckpieces light. My mother in law was so pleased and honestly it's not about making her happy but it looked great and quite a statement anyway.

ShailjaSaha, 30, Theatre artist:

I had an old lehenga which my grandmother wore for her wedding and I dug it out from her old trunk and got it refurbished by getting Swarovski and some new gotapatti work into it to give it a new feel. I also got a contrasting new blouse to go with it so that it looks like a nice fusion between old and new. I was very happy with my experiment and it also saved me money, as a heavy piece such as that one would have costed a bomb. So it was a win-win situation for us.

Nov. 30, 2017, 4:57 a.m.