How To Throw a Pyjama Party

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While we have all heard the phrase –pyjama party, how many of us have actually attended one? My constant gripe is – if pyjama parties enjoy such wide popularity across continents, why aren't we getting invited to any?

However instead of mulling over why your friends aren't throwing any pyjama parties how about throwing one yourself. This is one of the cheapest, easiest and funniest parties to organize. Here's all it takes to throw a killer girl's pyjama party.

No formal invites:

Best to do over a phone call. Just tell all your girls to wear their favourite PJs and land up to your place post dinner for a night of lounging around.

No arrangements needed:

Seriously there's no need to do up your house. Light scented candles, order fresh flowers. All you need is a room with a few extra cushions and pillows thrown here and there.

No menu required:

Just soda and popcorns – that's all you would need for a night of gossiping and chit chatting. Stock up on sodas and fill a few popcorn buckets and you are good to go. Seriously why didn't anyone think of this hassle-free party before?

Get a free playlist:

Just plays music randomly in the background. You could even be playing something as mundane as FM radio. There's some extra fun in guessing the next cheesy song to be played. And also when the lousiest lyrics play from the 80's and 90's do not forget to sing along.

Play dumb shiraz or pyjama games:

No expensive games that require props or raffle tickets required. Just relive the harmless high school fun by spending a night playing dumb shiraz. Another interesting game to play will be the pyjama game. The rules are - every girl picks up the pattern on her pyjama and weves a fantasy nighttime story around it. The rule - the story must begin and have a logical end in two minutes. So the girl with a mini mouse pyjama starts a story with the cartoon as central character. The one with flowers begins her story in a garden. Let your imaginations run wild. And add a generous dose of humour to your stories and ensure you have a laugh riot.

Play movies:

If your buddies are night owls and the idea of sleep evades them then play movie marathons. Instead of renting DVDs just play what you may have in your collection. Sometimes re-runs with your girlfriends are just about what you need to make a great party. Some suggestions, that we can give you are playing re-runs of Sex and the City, Mean Girls or Princess Diaries. With a collection like that its a little difficult to go wrong.

Sleep over trick:

To ensure that your girlfriends are in a mood to say goodnight and crash in your room just tell them that the one who sleeps last will have to make coffee for everyone the next morning. Chances are soon it will be time to catch some beauty sleep.

Aug. 21, 2017, 5:16 a.m.