How To Throw An Arty Party For Kids

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Anyone who has ever organized a party for a group of toddlers would really know how difficult it is to mind these little kings and queens who think that there wish is the supreme command in the universe. So getting a group of these little masters to be engaged and disciplined is almost as difficult as wishing for world peace.

But in case you have a party for a kid to organize how about not make it just play and add elements of some arty fun. Surprisingly research shows that often the secret to taming a group of toddlers is to engage them in an artistic activity of sorts. Here's how you to throw an arty party for the kids, who would love to be little Piccassos and make your party a success.

Activity Alert: Soon as the kids are together announce that you have a special itinerary for them. Give them their individual sheets of paper and washable crayon colours and ask them to draw patterns that are their favorite. Tell them that the end of the painting competition awaits lollipops for everyone. Believe us you have at least 15 minutes of peace before the kids are distracted again. As a special gesture get all the artworks done by kids to be framed and send them individually to their address. Their parents will value your gesture.

Do things differently: Next time before you another tattoo artist to draw temporary patterns on kids to keep them entertained how about asking a pastry expert or a baker to come with a batch of cookies. Each kid gets to try his/her hand on writing or drawing a pattern with sugar icing on his or her cookies. The baker can teach them basics of how to draw a pattern or write on a cookie. Keep some edible sparkles handy for kids to decorate their cookies and carry back home.

Performing arts: Ask the parents on what their kids favourite activities are - dancing, enacting rhymes, singing or just jumping. Invite each kid on a stage and ask him or her to show their favourite activity to all the kids. Not only will this help kids to get over stage fright or stranger anxiety and the parents will thank you for that but it will also help you discover some hidden talents in your little rock stars.

Engage and entertain: Another session to include can be a storytelling time. But instead of having a story reader enact a story as kids lose interested mid way, try involving them in the stories. Begin a story and then ask kids to complete the story with their own imaginations. It can go like --"Once there was a King named Lear.." and the first kid imagines another line and so on and so forth. Before you know it you may have a very quirky and funny story ready. Besides the activity will help the kids stimulate their imaginative powers. They will also love the attention while they are developing their skills in an imaginative manner all along the way.

Nov. 2, 2017, 5:02 a.m.