How To Maximize The Usage Of A Wedding Hall

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Once you have booked a wedding hall which is one of the major expenses involved in a wedding ceremony it is natural for one to be thinking of ways so that you can utilize both the time and space in the most optimal manner.

In order to make the best out of your big bucks spent maybe a few of the ideas below can help you.

Combine ceremonies: For people who want to hold multiple functions leading up the wedding, it can be a real money draining task to book spaces for every occasion. However, if you plan smartly and combine two functions together you may end up saving some money. For instance, you can combine the sangeet and the Mehendi night. Begin a little early and carry on with the Mehendi night after the dancing is over. Booking the same space for a longer duration will be any day more reasonable to book a new place for a few hours. It will also save you many other expenses such as preparations for another day of function and feasting.

New trends: Some families these days are adopting the modern approach and are doing away with the stiff customs of the wedding ceremony to be organized by the girl's side and the reception to be held from the boy's side. Instead, they are pooling in money to hold one grand function and inviting all their guests. This way you can pitch in together to book a bigger and better venue and still save yourself some money.

Guest list wise: Remember that is more reasonable to invite a lot of guests in one function rather than to distribute your guest list into various functions. This applies of course if you are hosting a big wedding. In such a case it's better to have a grand function where you invite everyone that you wish to. If you still want to keep the tradition of having smaller ceremonies then you can keep those strictly a very close family affair that can be held within your home only. This way you will be able to accommodate all your guests at one go and need to hire venues multiple times.

Arrangements: Ask your wedding venue provider if they can allow for certain arrangements that you can organize on your own. For instance, if you set up a dessert corner or even food corner on your own it may turn out to be cheaper than what the venue provides.

Ask for a bonus: Whatever services the venue offers you make it a point to ask for something additional. If your demands are not too unreasonable chances are you may get an extra deal or two. For instance, if the venue is catering ask them if its possible to add something in the refreshments as a goodwill gesture or ask them if they can offer you any other services such as a valet parking. Unless you ask you may not get so there's no harm in trying within reasonable limits.

May 14, 2018, 5:50 a.m.