How To Have a Minimalist Trousseau For Your Wedding

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The times are changing and it is the sign of times. According to psychologists as people in society gain more material comforts they show signs of contentment not by hoarding stuff but my opting for a minimalist, low-maintenance and lass wastage of resources lifestyle. No wonder then that for the millennial generation the new buzzwords are not flash your cash or have money will spend. The sophisticated and cultured today are opting to move away from excesses that are wasteful and are instead spending on experiences that are enriching.

Perhaps that's why you may have heard of a few youngsters ditching the high profile wedding ceremonies for simple celebrations just to mark the occasion. The mindset being in place of throwing away cash in a mega function why not utilize the money's worth and spend on other aspects of personal growth - a world trip for instance or using the money to enroll in an international program instead. So whether or not you are making up your mind to go for a simple or big wedding there is one area almost all of us can definitely save on and that is an ornate, over-the-top bridal trousseau. Often amongst the compulsion tradition and peer pressure demands we end up stocking and buying things we may never use again. So before you spend a bomb building that dream trousseau just do a reality check and save on the stuff you are buying out of impulse or out of compulsion.

Make a list: The biggest life hack ever is to begin every task by making a list. A list clearly gives you an idea on what you actually need and what would just constitute to extra buying. Logically even though you are getting married and as a bride you are the star of the moment but the truth is in your new married life there are scarcely any things that you will suddenly start requiring that you haven't up till now. So if you have never worn a pair of fake eye lashes chances are you don't really need it now.

Customize your buys: Buying four silk saris just because you have your aunts favourite sari seller coming home to show you designs never made any sense. If you need one just stick to one. If you don't need a paithani sari don't buy one do not give in to every suggestion you get. Follow a simple rule of thumb buy everything that you envision wearing at least a dozen times in the years after you are married. Any thing less than that is a red flag and drop it if its not one of the ceremonial things that you must buy. It also goes for jewellery and make up. Don't get carried away because you will actually have a budget to splurge.

Stick to basics: Okay so may have waited all your life to build a great collection of shawls. If you love shawls its ok to buy a few classic pieces but just because you have waited this long doesn't mean you need every shade of pashmina or a kani shawl. You probably just need one and not many of the same variety.

Nov. 17, 2017, 5:17 a.m.