How To Have a Dream Body For Your Wedding Day

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So, when we talk about weddings its not just the dress and the venue that counts. What also counts is how self-confident you feel on a day when you will be the center of everyone's attention. No one would want to let go of such an important occasion in his or her lives in a lackadaisical, lazy way. But in case you thought that to build a dream body you have to either sip kale smoothies all day or invest in an expensive trainer need to just read some our pro tips. By following some of the cardinal rules you may be on your way to land up that dream body without any strenuous gym routines or a visible dent in your budget.

Recognize the problem:

While it may not be easy to lose 10 kilos without dedication and time what is important is that you understand what your problem areas are. Do you just want to get rid of those extra inches or instill a sense of discipline in your life to ensure that you do not pile up any extra inches?

Our suggestion is not to look for shortcuts but to treat it as a mind, body, soul experience.

Make a list:

Dedicate a day to take note of every small vice you may have and that may slowly be contributing towards your undisciplined body. An extra fizzy drink during the day, skipping breakfast to catch an early meeting, snacking on a deep fried pretzel in the evening, meeting buddies for a mid week drinks session - all of these harmless things go on to add towards a lack of dedication to achieve quicker results. By making a list of everything that you can easily avoid but are choosing not to, will give you clear goals to begin with.

Introduce one healthy habit every day:

Taking stairs instead of the elevator, having a portion of fruit instead of a juice, replacing brown rice with your white rice - think of small changes that you can make in your everyday life. Do this for a month and stick by the new positive changes that you have made. Even before you realize it you will be charting a new healthier lifestyle with changes that you have so subtly incorporated in your life that it won’t take a toll on you.

Include a form of exercise:

Now you would want to add another level to your disciplined living by adding a short form of exercise at least three days in a week. Yoga, jogging, running, brisk walking, rope skipping, whatever works for you start by adding that in your routine. Just half an hour everyday to an activity that you love to indulge in is a small adjustment to make in your routine. If you can then find a running partner who will keep you motivated to follow your goals.

Eat clean:

Avoid fried, processed food that fills you up without giving any nutrition to your body. Look for fresh fruits, salads, health bars as snacking options instead.

Sept. 26, 2017, 4:59 a.m.