How To Have a Cool Summer Party

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The spring has sprung and hot summer days of sweat and harsh sun are not so far away. But who says summers are meant to be sitting inside the air-conditioned rooms switching channels on TV? Let not he season of sun and sipping lemonades dampen your spirit by organizing a bring-on-the-summer party for your friends. Here are some of the themes that you can choose for your party in the sun

  1. A Popsicle party: Say hello to the sun and sweat in style by inviting your friends for a popsicle party. You can either be creative and make your own pops or order it from a local vendor in flavors ranging from all the summer fruits such as watermelon, lemon, mango, and pineapple and of course fruit punch. You can add more fun to the moment by actually asking a few ice cream carts or trucks to park at your party venue. Tell the guests to load up on fruit pops and arrange for some hot finger food to balance the menu. Think of baked potatoes, broccoli, bell peppers and good old bar-be cue- cottage cheese and pineapple sticks.
  2. A pool splash party: What a way to announce summer. If you have a friend who has a house with a pool, do everything possible to convince him to let you use their space for a pool party. If not ask your local pool arenas; during not so busy hours they are generally happy to sub let the space. Ask your friends to pack in their pool bags, hit the water and rejuvenate later over canapes and coconut water. Who needs to go to a beach, when you can bring the beach in town!
  3. A spring sarong party: Just before the sun is up on us there’s time for some breezy fashion. Your fashionista friends would love to dress up for a spring summer party. The dress code should be neon colours, sarongs, summer prints and los of wild flowers as accessory. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this party?
  4. A midsummer night party: The best thing about summer is long, balmy nights. Why not make the most of it by throwing a midnight summer party. No crazy winter chills that require you to get locked up inside your homes with heaters blaring. Instead now is the time to enjoy a lovely backyard party that goes on till the wee hours of morning. Sip on iced tea and boogey to summer songs. A perfect prep to the season couldn't be invented!

A summer specialty party:

Think of everything that reminds you of summer. Ripe juicy mangoes, endless margaritas. The thought of tutti fruity flavors or the smell of lavender. Throw a party of everything that spells summer. Serve up mango punch and lavender pastries. Deck up your space with summer blooms and prepare a soothing menu comprising salads and slush. Your guests will look forward to another summer party, we promise.

Oct. 13, 2017, 5:21 a.m.