How To Have A Relaxed Country Style Wedding

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Sometimes in life, all of us get tired of that loud city life with over the top celebrations and excessive display of wealth. If you secretly dream of a quite life in countryside surrounded by nature's bounty, then may be you want to consider having a rustic, country style wedding party. Not only the low-key but charming idea would save you a lot of money but it will also be an excellent break from the monotony of extravagant, mindless celebrations. Here's what you need to consider for planning your lovely, country wedding.

  1. THE SPOT: Forget the usual suspects - the banquets, the clubs, and the marriage halls in the city. Instead look for spots in the areas surrounding the city. Instead look for a farm, a barn, which has plenty of, clean space, even a guesthouse that is away from the city chaos and in the midst of nature. Normally such spots are way cheaper than the other popular spots, mainly because the popular places come inbuilt with other conveniences such as a handy catering service, transportation etc. And these things are indeed important for a wedding party so select a spot that is charmingly different from the popular spots but not of course somewhere in a God forsaken corner where reaching out for necessities becomes a trudge.
  2. THE SECURITY: A marriage party always comes with certain excesses and hence you need to take charge of the security of the people invited. Do a through background check on the place and the surrounding areas. One excellent way to gauge the practicality of holding a function in a new spot is that you can visit the nearest police station or security service provider and ask for their opinion on the history of the place and the near by areas.
  3. GO AUTHENTIC: If you have chosen a place in a small town near your city then go for details that are native to the place. A Mangalorean style meal if you are in Mangalore or a Haryanvi cuisine if you are in the outskirts of Delhi. This way you will be adding another novelty to your celebrations and the bonus - the local cuisine will be much cheaper and tastier to procure and serve.
  4. THE NATURE: Bring in the nature indoors. Instead of those high voltage lights that waste energy and are dizzying to the eyes go for candles and lot of it. If you can, then scented candles will be the most romantic idea ever.
  5. THE PERFORMANCE: To add even more authentic country charm how about hiring a local artist for a folk performance native to the place. A Rajasthani dance, a puppetry show or a dastangoi session. Anything that is special and unheard of will be enough to keep your guests riveted. Keep the usual dance and disco theme away and instead welcome your guests with something unique, pleasant and rooted to traditions. After all isn't that the point of having the whole countryside celebrations?
May 8, 2018, 9:31 a.m.