How To Break The Ice Between The Guests At Your Party

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Has it ever happened to you that while making the invite list for your party you have wondered if your friends would gel with each other? Or has there been a party where despite everything being in order there were moments of eerie silence, where your guests did not know what to talk to each other about? Well, in an ideal setting you would like all your guests to have a great time with each other and enjoy the company. But not everyone is an extrovert who can make friends at the drop of a hat. Chances are your guest list where people may not necessarily know each other would need a bit of your creative energy to make it a success.

The game breaker:

Include some icebreaker games to let your guests mingle with each other. Keep a stack of books from your library handy. Ask each of your guests to pick a book randomly out of the selection. Now tell them to give that book to a person in a room they do not know while explaining why they think that the person may like that book. We bet they will end up talking to each other on why Who Moved my Cheese? Appeared a fir choice for them. A great conversation starter, we would say.

Create common interests:

Try to include certain things in your party, which you know will be areas of common interest. If you think your friends are big foodies. How about asking the chef in the party to craft the menu. When the food is laid, tell your guests that your chef friend recommended the dishes. Needless to add, that your guests would start asking the chef about his kitchen experiences and will give them a common platform to begin the conversation on.

Try the fun introduction cycle:

While no body likes the stiffness of introducing themselves, try adding a fun element to it. You take the lead and tell each of your friends to come and share with other guests how you became friends. The conversation would not only lend itself to be a nostalgia trip but will be an engaging way to help your guests know each other.

Karaoke club:

Create common clubs. If you have a session of karaoke, tell your guests to group themselves according to the genre/artist they love and say a chorus song. This will give them opportunity to bond with besides they would love you for arranging this as no one likes to sings alone.

Create a social media group:

Before the party, create a social media group and invite all guests to be a part of preparation. Keep them updated on how you are planning things. Ask for any suggestions from time to time. For example ask the florist friend to give tips on floral decoration that will last longer. Ask the musician on the kind of music you should choose. This way, your friends would have engaged with each other before you even introduced them and would be looking forward to knowing more of each other.

July 27, 2017, 9:26 a.m.