How To Be The Best-Behaved Groom Ever

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Okay lets admit it. In this world where we are claiming an equal share in everything and feminism is all about equality, when it comes to a marriage ceremony, the bride does get an edge over the groom. Every one wants to meet and bless the bride first, the bride is the center of attraction and often the talk of the party revolves around the bride. It is not to say that a groom doesn't get it due but well, a marriage ceremony does ensure that the bride is the star.

So, what's a groom got to do in such a case? And no it isn't any weird guide suggesting groom how to hog the limelight but a small guide book on how to be the most gracious groom because it is not just the guests who expect special attention from you but well the bride too will look onto you to held her wade through the elaborate formalities an Indian marriage entails.

Be punctual:

Yes we know that your friends have been waiting for this day to dance and drink as if there is no tomorrow but remember there are a whole lot of people on the other side of the party eagerly awaiting your arrival. And chances are that most of their plans are centered on your presence. Pay some heed to their emotions and do no inordinately delay the process. While waiting a bit for the baraat is one of the joys of a wedding ceremony when this wait becomes unbearable, no one appreciates it. So, the first trick to master towards being the best groom is to strike a balance and keep both sides in mind during your celebrations.

Be a sport:

For the girl's side of the family, especially if you have a lot of sister-in-laws the naughty sweet games played with you form the fun factor in a wedding. Be a sport play along their games. If you shoe has been hidden, as is a customary and common wedding ritual join the game. Do not claim the shoe despite the fact that your bride's sisters may have done a bad job of hiding it and you may as well be able to see it. Just join the game and enjoy the fun. Also don't be stingy in meeting the playful demands of the bride's side. Remember this may their only chance to have some fun as the hosts who have to be on their toes to ensure a great hospitality for the guests.

Be patient:

Things in Indian marriages have a way of dragging themselves. At the time of bride's farewell when things get too emotionally charged you should be the one to offer a support. Do not in the least bit look unconcerned, insensitive or unemotional. It is one of the toughest moments in life for parents to let go of their daughter they so lovingly brought up. Be kind they will remember your gesture and it will set a strong foundation as a couple.

Nov. 16, 2017, 4:45 a.m.