Hostess with the Mostest

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Have you ever wondered why some people enjoy the reputation of being great hosts? Or why a certain party is discussed and talked about with great fondness. Do you think that you need excess riches to flash that perfect party card?Or you need the to hire the best party planners about town to ensure that your party goes as seamlessly as the icing on the cake? Well, according to most party planners, it is often those little touches, played without the help of any professionals that ensure that a party exudes that extra warmth where everyone feels like never leaving. Here we give some pro pointers, so easy to cop at home, that you would want to organize parties a little too often!

Lights to light up the mood

According to pop psychologists, soft lighting creates a festive celebratory feel while giving the guests a feeling of warmth. Its makes one feel de-stressed as it has a calming effect on brain. No other reason then not to adorn your venue with a lot of fairy lights. Try to bring your hanging blubs, lamps etc and just put it wherever you can find a fixture in your venue. A lot of lights will create a glow and set everyone in a party mode.

The Communal Pitcher

So you have checked the finger foods, the dips and the drinks and everything thing seems in order. But how adding special communal pitchers where everyone can make a custom drink for themselves. Sounds complicated? Before you summon a bartender. Here's what you need to do. Bring out the biggest jar/bowl/pitcher you have at home and add as many cut fruits as you can. If you are short on fruits you can also bring in cucumber, celery, lemon etc. Fill it up with soda. Keep a few juices nearby and your guests have their very own sangria pitcher to make their own mock tail.

Dressed to regret

Part of the party planning for both the guests and the hosts also involves mulling over what they will wear to the party. Make it a bit easy on them by suggesting a dress code that asks them to wear that one outfit they would never ever wear to a party. Your guests can feel free anything from their worst ever prom dress to their Sunday shirt. The plan is to let your hair down and forget about who's wearing the most expensive Jimmy Choos and enjoy the party as its meant to be enjoyed.

Keep the surprise

Add an interesting detail or two to keep your guests entertained. Buy some temporary tattoos and offer them to your guests. You can also play a little game with them by asking them to close their eyes and pick a tattoo. Whatever design they pick ask them to give it to any other guest in the room, on whom they think the tattoo will suit best. A butterfly for a social butterfly or a cobra for the dandiest guy in the party. Let your guests have a ball.

July 24, 2017, 4:40 a.m.