Fun Ideas For Throwing a Winter Party

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Marshmallow and Bonfire party:

Call over a few friends for a bon fire party during cold winter nights. Just look for an outside space and get some bonfire snacks handy. Get the marshmallows, smoke them in a barbecue or dip in chocolate sauce. Get small cubes of chikki or moongfali patti and munch on them over steming cups of hot chocolate as you spend the night away.

Basement and blankets party:

If any of your friends have a basement at their house how about asking them to throw a movie night party in their basement. Turn it into your homey theatre, set up big screen and projector. Spread a few blankets and spend a night with buddie watching movies while munching on nachos, popcorns and taking a chai break in between.

An old fashioned party:

Stock up your kitchen shelves with everything your grandmother used to lovingly make during winters - Gajar halwa, atta laddo, besan chilla, sarson ka saag and makki ki roti and call your friends for a truly rural old fashioned treat. We bet they will love it.

The great outdoorsy party:

Winters are also a time to break some sweat. Look for a great hiking spot and call over your friends for a morning of hiking fun. Get the gear ready and be ready to explore the terrains of your own city you overlook during your busy schedule. Post the hike book for a sumptuous lunch in a nearby eatery and you have a great workout followed by a much-deserved treat.

A camping weekend party:

Who says a party should last only for a few hours. The winter holiday break is the perfect time to extend the party over an entire weekend. Book a camping spot, call over your friends and indulge in all the camping activities you haven't experienced for years. Include varied activities like a karaoke night, a DJ night to heighten the experience. Make this a weekend that you will remember for years. And don’t be surprised if your friends ask you to make it an annual ritual.

A football match party:

You don't have to wait for the NFL season to organize a party with your buddies. Just ask all your football crazy friends to come for an evening of some serious soccer fun. Plays re-runs of some of the most landmark football games and relive the thrill. Throw in some finger food such as mozzarella sticks, corn puffs, cheese balls and stock up on some soda and watch the time pass away even before you realize it.

A mani-pedi party:

This one is for the girls. Ask all your girlfriends over and book over your salon lady and get the ladies you love some tender dose of pampering. As the girls bond over gossips, reflexology foot massages and the colour of nail paints you can ensure that your party will be an instant hit.

A baking session party:

What's a winter without serious baking. Call over your guests and ask them to don their chef hats and aprons. Get ready made baking mixes and ask them to bond over trying to get that perfect bake.

Sept. 11, 2017, 5:13 a.m.