Fun Ideas For Pre Wedding Parties

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Okay so all of us have an exact idea on how an Indian wedding ceremony works. There's usually an engagement followed by a few pre wedding functions such as mehendi, dance night, then the big wedding day and a reception from the groom's side. Barring one or two functions some families choosing to skip the finger print for all wedding remains the same and well, dare we say pretty monotonous. So, if you are about to tie the knot or know someone close ready to walk the altar real soon and are game about shaking things a little bit here are a few not so routine ideas for pre wedding fun. Just invite a bunch of your friends for these pre-parties to set the tone for your unique wedding celebrations.

A bonfire night:

If it's a winter or an autumn wedding then skip the routine dance night and call your close friends and relatives over for a night of bonfire. Sing songs, dance to your hearts content, roast marshmallows and set up a bar be cue station and do some live grills. This is your way of officially announcing that you are heralding the celebrations for the big day ahead. It’s different and definitely fun and your friends would love your non-predictable approach.

A pool splash party:

If its spring summer then the time is just right for an evening of swimming and celebrating. Book a swimming pool and ask your friends to pull out their zaniest of swimsuits and hit the pool. It is unconventional and sure-fire recipe to raise the bar for the events to follow.

The bachelor’s trail:

Yes, instead of doing a hen night or a bachelor's night in a suite or night club how about calling your friends for a trekking trail or a jungle walk. Pack your food and set out on a walk in the abandon. Believe us the experience will really set you free.

A parent's day:

This is a super sweet gesture to return the favour to the elders in the family. Especially in an Indian set up the parents end up dreaming and planning their son's or daughters’ wedding for years. How about toasting them by giving them a day to relax and enjoy the festivities without stressing about anything. It can also be a great icebreaker experience for both set of parents too if they haven't got a chance to know each other so well. It is the best gift a prospective bride and groom can give their parents on their wedding.

A post-wedding de-stressing party:

Before the two of you jet set on a honeymoon. Book some of your closest friends and family for a spa session or a salon party. They are the ones who did the entire running around during your wedding and they too deserve a break as much as you do. They will remember this sweet gesture from your end for years to come. And remember you can never have enough of those kind blessings they would want to shower you with.

March 30, 2018, 5:37 a.m.