Farewell Party Ideas

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Saying good-bye to someone you love and care about is one of the most difficult things in life. But such is the fact of life that often in friendships, work or in relationships you have to bid a farewell to your loved one with a heavy heart. And while you may be brooding that you won’t be able to see your friend or colleague too often now, that should not be an excuse not to give them the farewell they deserve. Try and relive all the bygones with that special person by throwing him or her a memorable farewell party - something that whenever you look back upon will bring a smile on everyone's face.

Choose a special venue:

A venue will go a long way in showing that you truly love and care about the person. If your friend is a biker, how about choosing a biker's cafe as the venue. If your friend is a music lover how about attending a concert together but do remember to book a quite dinner place afterwards to ensure that you can talk to each other before saying good-bye.

Do something memorable:

A farewell gift is a good idea to ensure that your friend will remember the memories you all built together for a long time. But if he or she is also moving cities or countries it may not be feasible to gift them a dinner set or a bulky memento. How about buying them a nice jersey or a warm jacket if they are moving to a cold place. Don't forget to attach a note saying the jacket will keep you warm in harsh cold just as our love did all these years! Don't be surprised if he/she ends up writing you sentimental notes from afar later.

Bake a cake:

And this should not be any ordinary cake. Bring on all the nostalgia on your cake. If you are a group of friends get a tier cake with some symbols of your happy memories together. You could also get a batch of cupcakes where each of your friends put one personal message or symbol for the person you are throwing the farewell for. Packing a jar of cookies to take along for your friend is also a good idea.

Create a uniform:

Now is the best time to get custom made tees for all the attendees. Get a tee shirt that says  - We will miss you … insert the name of your friend. Seeing all of you dressed alike will definitely make your friend's heartache with happiness at the love they are leaving behind.

Create an album:

Make a wall album with pictures of all the happy moments you all had together. The first party you attended together, the work seminar that went spectacular, that picnic you had together in the farm. All these small reminders will be enough to serve as a memorabilia for a long time to come. Also make a digital album and gift it your friend in a pen drive to take along with them.

Aug. 23, 2017, 5:34 a.m.