Everything You Need To Know To Throw a Backyard Wedding

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So as it happens in life, sometimes everyone has to take a leap of faith and do what he or she truly believes in. If you are against the idea of ornate, excessive wedding parties that are high on expenditure and less on substance, you may want to consider a small intimate gathering with just a few people who matter to you. And yes, in out traditional scenario it does mean breaking the conventional mould but in case you feel strongly about it and would want a wedding with just love and no frills around, this might just work for you.

Make the intentions clear:

Tell all your friends and acquaintances about your decision to hold a private ceremony for your wedding. By informing them beforehand about your decision you are avoiding possible awkward situations where one may take offence for not being invited to your wedding day.

Be sober:

Keep the preparations low-key. While putting fairy lights in your house is a good idea to celebrate your special day, playing loud blaring music is not so much. If you have chosen to keep the occasion private and simple it should reflect in the way you project things. Also there is no point keeping your neighbor's up with your music when they may not even be invited.

And for the fun factor:

A backyard party should not in any way look like a money pinching substitute for a grand celebration. It should be intimate, fun and unique - just the thoughts you had in mind, when you thought about going away from the textbook definition of a party. So throw in a few fun elements for your friends. Set up a barbecue grill where your friends can get their custom bakes. Invest in a few couple games so that all of you can lay your hair down while truly enjoying the intimacy of the gathering.

Benefit a charity:

Introduce a no gift policy. You do not want to force your friends into getting a present when the mood of the moment is sober, frill free fun. Also it's a wise idea to put forth some amount from the money you would have saved to a charity. Beginning the most important journey of your life, with blessings from the less fortunate can be the best way to begin a new phase.

Smart casual dressing:

Tell your friends that it's a casual get together to celebrate togetherness and they are free to dress as casual as they would like to be. Do not put them into unnecessary stress of ordering new tuxedos or dresses. The idea is that everyone has fun in a relaxed fun and easy atmosphere.

Set the trend:

By doing something as radical as cutting down on many cultural formats of celebrating a wedding, you are setting a new trend. It should be good idea then that you educate and inform the people on why you chose to go this way. So go ahead and inspire others.

Sept. 25, 2017, 5:40 a.m.