Dress for the Hostess

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There is something inherently attractive about the idea of getting dressed for the party. Ask any woman and she will tell you that when it comes to party planning a major part of the thought process is also centered around what the she would wear to the party. The choice of an appropriate dress to party becomes all the more crucial if you are the hostess as you not only want to look the part but also ensure that everything from kitchen to the decor are in a smooth run. Needless to say, that dressed in figure hugging bodice or a flare lehenga, it will hardly be practical to do the party micro management. Here are a few tips, tricks and ideas coming originally from fashionistas to ensure you look pretty as a petal on your party.

Nivrit Kaur, 23, DJ:

As a DJ I am always in a grunge girl garb but occasionally for my house party I like to team a silver or a bright coloured shrug over my black ganji and jeans combo. Its practical and stylish way to work while you party.

Meha Kapoor, 28, Artist:

I like to throw in just some references to a celebratory mode. I could be wearing my chikan salwar kurta but I do up my hair with some flowers. Its an instant pick me up and my way of telling that the day is special

Shrini Swami, 32, Banker:

If I am hosting a party I keep my look fuss free. A pair of tights with a slim fit formal top usually works for me. It's the practical way to enjoy a dance and also a quick hop to the kitchen to get the dips refill.

Anjali Vats, 35, Dentist:

I just say no to the heels and buy a pair of dressy flats instead. I also like to pair up my little black dress with a gold kolhapuri chappal. Not only it is super comfy but also an offbeat combination that gets me compliments.

Nidhi Singh, 32, Teacher:

I choose dark colours. Reds, blacks deep greens etc as white and other pastels on a work come party mode are a recipe for spill and stains. If I am the host I also do away with accessories such as stoles or headgear as it allows a bit restricted movement.

Nisha Goel, 26, Student:

I like to dress semi formal and not too loud as I let my guests feel at home. By over dressing I may make them feel too formal. I let relaxed easy vibes show through my dressing. So I often choose say a shirtdress with ballerina shoes or a maxi dress with strap sandals.

Jenna Gomes, 34, Translator:

Depending on the occasion I choose my dress carefully. If its my kids birthday party I too dress up in a cartoon character tee to make them feel that adults to are a part of their plan. If its for work buddies I wear a casual dress but not a trouser to feel a bit different from everyday dressing.

Aug. 7, 2017, 5:10 a.m.