Creative Birthday Party Venues

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So it's your kid's birthday and you are thinking of beginning your hunt for that perfect place to book your toddler's dream party. Instead of the usual party venues and halls, how about paying attention to some less explored but extremely fun places to have a birthday party organized in. Not only these places can be easier on your pocket but also you may even end up getting a place that requires minimum arrangements to make for the party. Here are a few places you may want to consider before you book that party place


If there is a play school in the vicinity and you are celebrating your kid's birthday over the weekend or during the evening hours, you may want to talk to the school. Though an unconventional choice, a play school can be an ideal place to hold a kid's birthday party because the ambience and the decor would any way be child friendly. Talk to the school authorities and if they have never before lent the place for a private party, tell them that your contribution towards the school fund in return for the place can be a great way to help the school create greater facilities for the kids.


If you are organizing a party for older kids, asking a local library to lend you the place during their non-working hours may not be a bad idea. The kids can be invited for a slightly cerebral birthday party where the return gifts include books and instead of loud music, the kids can have a poetry or elocution contest.


If your kid and their friends are into music then this can be an ideal venue. Ask the local music academy if you can hire the space during their non-operational hours. As a bonus you may also request the local band to perform on your kids birthday. Not only the budding musicians love to perform at gigs like this to hone their skills but your small token of appreciation may go a long way in helping boost their confidence.


Okay this sounds like an unlikely choice but often churches have lovely parks attached to them. Ask the church authorities if they would like the idea of having a group of lovely toddlers have the time of their lives in the church compound. The church surroundings are often the cleanest possible places to hire and are best suited for little kids who like having a party without too much noise.


Chances are the kids will enjoy this place as much as the adults. Often age-old homes need funds and donations and there can be no better way to help them than organizing your little one's birthday party there. Your kid would be blessed to receive the love and blessings of elders. You may hae to convince the management into lending the place as they may not be used to idea of holding birthdays in the venue but chances are once you start the trend there would be many more to follow the suit.

Aug. 1, 2017, 5:14 a.m.