Create a Dream Venue

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Thinking of throwing a bash but getting uninspired with the jaded venue choices? If we had our way, each one of us would want to celebrate some of the most special occasions of our lives, in a place that packs in an experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives. But alas, often it is the realities of city life with cubby hole clubs and uncharacteristic halls that stares us on our faces when we begin space hunting for a soiree. However, the clever idea to still have our way is to think creatively and make the best possible use of the space in hand. Here we give you a few inspirational ideas that can add life to your plain Jane venue.

Venue problem 1: A dingy hall with not enough sunlight

Smart solution: For a hall that's not sunny enough, the best idea is to ask for a few extra lightings. Ask for a fairy lights canopy to cover the roof, not only will it give a unique look, it wont make you feel as if you are in a dull drab place. Ask the party organizers to place a few halogen lights, which are brighter than the usual lights, to make up for the lack of sunlight. Another clever way is to play with the decorations. Do you know replacing roses with sunflowers in the vases will instantly give the room a cheery disposition and make your guests forget that there is less of natural light filtering in.

Venue problem 2: A room that's narrow

Smart solution: A square looking room is a dream canvas to build up your party decor. But alas, architecturally not all rooms have a square composition. In case you are stuck with a room that is not broad enough, here's how you can camouflage the effect. Ask your venue organizer to use light, airy and if possible sheer curtains. Surprisingly a play of colors and fabrics often plays mind games and gives you an impression that the room is bigger than usual. Also pay attention to other details such as placement of the food trolley. Instead of placing all the food in corners along side the walls. Ask for finger foods to be served on trays so that some space that the snacks would have taken would be freed. Do not ask for any floral decorations in the center of the room or even on the walkways. This way the guests will have enough space to disperse in the room.

Venue problem 3: Uninspiring view from the venue

Smart solution: Okay so it takes no Einstein to figure out that no guest would enjoy a boring construction work sight from your venue. While the dream of having a milky stream flowing in front of your venue is about as possible in an urban landscape as a snow shower in Sahara, there is still something that can be done. Create an engaging atmosphere within your venue. Ask your organizer if he can arrange for a graffiti wall or karaoke corner. The more your guests will have to do indoors the less they would want to gaze outdoors.

July 25, 2017, 5:32 a.m.