Colour Therapy For Your Wedding

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First a Bollywood fact - Do you know, in the modern cult movie Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, the green dress that Kajol wore for the song Doli Saja Ke Rakhna, was a result of a six-hour long discussion between the stylists and the directors. The team was debating on what shade of pink should Kajol be wearing for the song, but finally they came up with the idea of green instead!

Now, while it may seem extreme to some to be discussing something as mundane as colour of a lehenga but the role that the choice of colours play especially in a marriage function cannot be estimated. After all most Indian girls would have planned for years the exact shade of red or scarlet they would want to wear on their wedding day. So, here’s everything that you may need to keep in mind while choosing colours of your dress and your wedding décor for your big day.

Why co-ordination matters:

We have heard of many girls who want to keep their wedding dress as a surprise from their grooms. While it is an utterly romantic idea to leave your groom guessing on what you may be looking like on the day, it can also be recipe for some angst if the two of you are found dressed in non-complementing colours. So while we are not saying that you parade the exact dress and make up rehearsal for your to-be groom, discussing the colour and style you may be wearing can be a good idea. In pictures colours that complement each other make you look more presentable. And do not forget that these are the pictures that you will be looking at for a lifetime.

The time of the day or night:

Choosing colours both for your dress and your decor must largely depend on the time of the day you are hosting the party. While shades such as rose pinks, lavendars and dull gold work well for the day; during night more dramatic colours such as burgundy, deep red or browns look better. Whether your wedding function is indoors or outdoors can also play a part in the shades you choose. For instance if it is an outdoorsy pre-wedding lunch then a shade of light yellow can work well but if it’s the same function in the night you may want to go for a deeper may be canary yellow or green instead.

The same applies to decor, while the lighter pastel palette works for day events for nights it's the intense hues that make a mark.

Seasons in the sun:

Though shades of red and pink for the bride remain the most popular in Indian weddings, tapering the exact hue depending on the season may be a good choice. For a mid summer wedding in mid May for instance in India, an intense red shade may not look as flattering as it is a heat-generating colour. Instead pair it with more soothing shades like a dull gold or a soothing green to offset the effect. In winters similarly a pastel shade may look less dramatic and you can go overboard with richer shades.

Sept. 20, 2017, 5:31 a.m.