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A Wedding is an important milestone in a couple's life. For most couples, it is a ceremony which will occur, at best, only once in their lifetime. It is a celebration of the love shared between the groom and bride, and their declaration of this love, to the world.

Meticulous preparations are made to celebrate and honour this age-old tradition. Families of both the groom and bride get heavily involved with preparation, to convert this celebration to a success.

Different cultures celebrate weddings in different ways, however the basic need to celebrate this occasion remains the same, which involves holy communion of the couple.

Preparations include selection of a reasonable venue to host the wedding. Wedding halls in Banashankari, prove to be the ideal spot to hold such a function. Hosts have the choice to select different venues in different settings. Indoor as well as outdoor venues are available for hire. Outdoor venues are advantageous as they can hold over 1000 guests without getting crowded. Guests have ample space to move around and can feel comfortable at the venue. Hosts with a large guest list can book these venues to hold wedding receptions, and pre-wedding functions. Halls are available with these venues to hold important wedding functions.

Banashankari is suburb near South Bangalore. It is the largest neighbourhood in Bangalore. It is named after one of Bangalore's oldest temples, the Banashankari Amma Temple, constructed in 1915.

There are many convention centres and banquet halls which can be found in this locality, available for hire.

Some of the larger halls available to hold wedding functions are:

  • Sri Convention centre: This hall offers many services like photographers, florists, astrologers etc. for hire. It becomes extremely convenient to hire these services from the centre itself instead of looking elsewhere for these services. It has a housing capacity of over 2000 guests, and its catering includes pure vegetarian food. It also provides ample space for parking with over 800 slots.
  • GK Kalyana Mantapa: This is another famous banquet hall used to hold wedding functions. Although it might not have the same facilities as the convention centre, it is ideal to host smaller weddings, one only celebrated by close friends and family.

Hosts organising weddings should take care of certain aspects while deciding on the venue for the wedding. Some of the different components hosts should carefully consider as follows:

  • Cost: Pre-planning a budget to be spent on the venue will help narrow down choices drastically. One should discuss this with their families and reach a decision so that the venue can be decided for the wedding.
  • Location: Location is another important part of the decision-making process, as it determines where the wedding will take place, as per the convenience of the host families and their guests.

Services: Different services to be employed for the function should also be decided in close consultation with the organisers. Most services are provided for by the function halls itself, and hosts do not have to go through unnecessary hassles of finding services like catering, florists etc. 

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