Be a Smart Venue Shopper

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Just as some people have a knack of spotting the right bargains, there is an art to negotiating and finalizing a reasonable venue. In normal parlance while one looks at practical things such as the ambience, location and services provided by a party venue, a smart shopper would know just the right things to ask and look for when booking a party venue. Here are a few things we suggest you must consider before striking the deal for a possible party venue. And yes these are details that one would pay no attention to in the grand scheme of things but once you uncover the important role these play you would never be able to ignore them. Just read on to find more:

When you book a venue the most common thing that one looks for is if the place has a kitchen and the menu details can also be taken care of. However there is no harm in asking the venue if they allow outdoor catering. In such a case you can ask any trusted caterer to take care of the food logistics. It may not even turn out to be cheaper but you do not have to also be stuck with the only choice that the venue offers.

The venue you book may be providing things like audiovisual facilities. Ask if they can set up these details for you instead of unnecessarily loading yourself with the task of setting up a team that takes care of audiovisual arrangements during the party.

Ride share programs: Many venues now daysalso provide ride sharing services. Often they have a tie up with services such as Uber, Ola etc and can take care of the ride for your guests. Ask for this as it especially comes handy if a lot of your guests are coming from out of town and may not have their own vehicles. You can include the cab ride details on the invitation cards for those who may want to book it and also explore if some of them may want to share the ride and plan their visit together.

Insurance details: Ask the venue what their insurance programs are in case of an unforeseen event. Do you get to recover any of your damages? Do you have some claim on the payment to be made in case any accidental event leads to cancellation of the party? These are important things to take note of before putting all your money and trust in the place you are choosing to throw the party at.

Ask for community details: If the area where you are choosing your party venue is not where you reside it may not be a bad idea to ask the local residence welfare association on the reputation of the venue and if there have been any incidences that have caused inconvenience to the organizers or the neighbours. These may also be the right people to tell you the traffic issue during the time of your party. Its best to shift your party hours by half an hour than get your guests trapped in traffic jams just outside the venue.

Sept. 4, 2017, 5:05 a.m.