Be a Bride With That Sass

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It seems a look straight out of 18th century now where the bride makes her entry coyly looking at the ground with her head covered conservatively while shying away from expressing the joy she is feeling at that moment. Today the brides are getting as badass as they can get not only making wild entries (recently a bride in India made an entry to the mandap driving a bike!) but generally not refusing to show their real side during the most important day of their lives.

If you too want your real personality, your chutzpah and your playful side not to be overshadowed by the customs and traditions then here are some fun ways to be that bride that will straightaway be the showstopper but in her own way.

A day wedding commands for covering your peepers in fancy sunshades, right? So, why should then this rule not apply to the lady of the day - the bride? A nice pair of sunglasses worn with traditional fineries even a mang tika or a nath are the new it statements to make. It is neither forced nor unnecessary but a requirement of a day time wedding so don't think too much about it and just wear it in the most chic and natural way as you would have if you were well, out and about going for a lunch in the sun.

There is no need to walk as if you are ready to graze the ground. Walk confidently, look around, nod and smile at friends and acquaintances if you spot them while making that move to the altar. Isn't it not the most obvious thing that you would in a normal setting? If yes, then why should such simple rules differ when you are the bride? Move with elan and in your natural gait, not as if you weighed down with the worries of the world.

Dance the night away if you would like to, there should be no restraints that you should feel as a bride. While brides these days do shake a leg on the rehearsed dance and song sequence, there should be no stopping you from barging the dance floor as your favourite song plays in the background or when your friends are dancing as if there's no tomorrow. As a bride you have every right to feel as joyous and express your happiness in the way that best suits you. The only advice we would give here is to wear something that allows free movement and not a lehenga that weights 5 kilos and is already weighing you down.

Eat, drink and be merry - this is a rule that should apply not just to your guests but to you as well. If you are hungry or feel like having a snack just ask for it. It is the most humanly thing to do and a bride should be no exception. Finally when the time is for the grand dinner do not just play with a few salad leaves on your plate. Eat to your heart full, after all it a special day and you should be the last one to starve.

Dec. 18, 2017, 4:31 a.m.