Bangalore Leading The way For No-Waste Wedding

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In the recent past, the city of Bangalore has been in news for a really hearty reason. Apart from the advances in technology happening in the city, there has been a slowly growing new trend that deserves to be replicated across the country.
In the past few months, there has been news of couples hosting no-waste weddings. Yes, you heard it right - a wedding function where nothing from the feast to the disposables involved are wasted and are left to fill the landfills and the trash.
A green wedding is a progressive trend but for many couples that may want to go down that route, the idea seems more fantastical than practical. However, as some good Samaritans are showing us the way a zero waste city wedding is totally doable. We show you some ways in which you can reduce your carbon footprints. Believe us by trying this new trend you won't only feel you are contributing to the earth but will also set a perfect example for people to come ahead and think out of the box and stop wedding waste

The decor: Keep the decor minimal. No plastic shiny stuff to be hung which any way lends a very synthetic look. Instead to make the occasion feel auspicious just put together bunches of flowers that can be procured locally. As far as the other decor such as tablemats etc go you can opt for one made out of fabric. Cloth table mats and chair cover any day look classier than the paper or plastic ones.

The cutlery: Next comes the cutlery. With the abundant reliance on paper plates, Styrofoam cups and plastic spoons and forks it has become a done thing to avoid reusable cutlery. However, ask any person with a sense of aesthete and they will tell you that nothing looks tackier than serving your guests on plastic cutlery. Why is it then that we have resorted to cheaper looking option?

The invite: Many youngsters are already switching to e-invites but one common grouse remains that the elders still are comfortable with the idea of a traditional invite as they may not check emails often. However, WhatsApp with its immense penetration has literally solved that problem for India. Consider sending an invite on WhatsApp. If you think that it looks too informal, adding a line that you are resorting to an e-invite as the first step towards your green, no waste wedding and everyone will be on board with the idea.

Food: One often also understands that estimating the quantity of the food that will be consumed in a big wedding can be an impossible task. So definitely there will be some leftovers. The better idea to deal with it is to keep the address of any charitable organization handy that collects food for the underprivileged and send any excesses immediately so that the feast is enjoyed doubly over. In return, you will be gaining many blessings.

May 12, 2018, 10:25 a.m.