A Simple Civil Ceremony

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A growing number of youngsters are choosing for simple, low-key ideas to celebrate wedding instead of the usual tamasha the big Indian wedding has now become. The idea is not just to break free from what the rest of the world is doing but it is also a conscious choice many millennial are making. According to psychologists many young men and women are instead more interested in putting their hard earned money in experiences that will last with them for a lifetime. In another new and encouraging trend, many are refusing to let their parents sponsor their weddings and want to take the responsibility into their own hands. Naturally for the younger generation who may have not yet reached on top of their career pyramid, arranging funds for a big wedding is another hurdle.
However, what is being looked upon in many progressive circles of society as a great step ahead is already on its way to becoming somewhat of a mini-trend. So as some young couples opt for simpler, non-fuss weddings here are a few tips if you too may want to say your vows in a simple but lovable style.

THE REGISTERED WEDDING: A lot of young couples are increasingly getting more comfortable with the idea of a court marriage. A registered marriage without the fanfare just in the company of very close family and friends for many is the right way to start such an important inning in their lives. If you too are opting to go that way then it is best to inform your colleagues, friends and family members of your decision a little in advance. Tell them that you have decided to opt for a non-loud, small ceremony and would need their blessings. Also mentioning that you consider it important to let them know of this new important development in your life will make them understand and would also avoid the possibility of gossip after the discovery of your quiet wedding.

THE RECEPTION: Often some couples choose to opt for a small reception inviting close friends and family for a formal beginning to their married lives. It is a good idea and you could either reserve a restaurant if the party isn't too big. If you have more than a dozen people its best to book a small space so that you have the privacy to celebrate the occasion in your own way. Arrange for appetizers, dinners and dessert or a formal sit down seven-course meal as you and your close group of friends talk over about your new journey. You can also use the moment and opt for an intimate small speech thanking each person present for the contribution they made to your lives. This is something that becomes an impossibility in a big wedding with more people than you can remember are invited for the occasion. A small wedding gives you more chances to be intimate with your guests and even get to know each other's families better so make the most of it.

May 11, 2018, 5:01 a.m.