A Care Package For The Guests At Your Wedding

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During a wedding preparation, most of the time and energy goes in supervising the menu, the location, the decoration and the works. However, we believe all of you may agree that the real stars of any wedding remain the guests who come and become a part of your important occasion. After all, it is for them that most of the preparations are done. So how about being an extraordinary host and saying goodbye to your guests with a token of appreciation that takes care of their small but immediate needs. A good-bye care package for guests is a special way to say thank you and here are a few ideas to incorporate in your small packet of joy.

Brunch Coupons: Often weddings can be an affair that goes till late in the night. If you are having a city wedding, then its likely that you may have chosen a Saturday for your guest's convenience if you can book them a late brunch in the city, it can be double the celebrations. No one likes the idea of getting up early after a night of partying and then slaving in the kitchen. Give them a reason to get dressed and be at a brunch and celebrate your vows once more.

A Thank You Basket: If you do not see yourself splurging in another meal for all your guests then how about making a small Thank You basket, that contains a few essentials such as a relaxing foot cream to massage their heels after a night of some dancing at your wedding. An eye mask to ensure a good night's sleep and some CDs with soothing music can be a good package to gift back. After all, you do want them to go back and have relaxed good night's sleep.

A Pamper Basket: If your friends are more of a spa junkie type then gift them a goodie bag containing scented candles, essential oil, a body cream and some potpourri for an invigorating spa session at home.

A Sugar Rush Box: Now who wants to leave a wedding without the auspicious token of mithai? Give a contemporary spin to our old tradition of bidding adieu with meetha by making a sugar box. Pack in some donuts, waffles, cupcakes and banana bread. Your guests will love the detailing.

A Home Care Package: Say thank you in the most earnest way by giving back to your guests something that they can display at their homes. A votive with your wedding date engraved on it or a small memento, a marble statue that is significant to the occasion. If you had a big wedding complete with elephants then how about gifting back an elephant figurine. You can also have a small horse figurine as a reminder of the groom's ride to the bride's house. A small table clock and a pen stand are some of the other utilitarian items that you can include in the package.

May 9, 2018, 11:18 a.m.